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Powered Lift Equipment Course (Forklift)

29 CFR 1910.178

All-Pro Occupational Trainers, Inc. offers Powered Lift Equipment (forklift) training at your facility. This course involves classroom time, tests, and followed by a hands-on skill assessment on-site at your facility. This training is for all types and models of forklifts and lift trucks.

The lift equipment Standard requires forklift training for anyone who operates a powered industrial truck, including a lift truck. This course encourages participants to take an active role by observing, analyzing and discussing recommended forklift safety practices. Participants who pass the course will be awarded a Lift Equipment licence for the specific truck. The license is good for 3 years from the date of training. Re-certification training is required once the 3 years has concluded. Please be specific on the type of training (initial vs. re-certification) when booking this course, as well as, the type of lift equipment you will need training with. 

PLEASE NOTE: Compliant Lift Equipment training is for individuals who are currently employed. OSHA requires an on-site skills assessment on the forklift being used at the operator's place of work. 

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