DOT Hazardous Materials Transportation Course

This course is designed for any "Hazmat Employee" engaged in any role in shipping Hazardous Materials in commerce. This includes: Shippers, Loaders, Manifesters, Receivers, Drivers, and Dispatchers just to name a few  by Highway, Rail, Vessel, and Air. This course is required every (3) three years. This course topics cover:

  • General Awareness
  • Function Specific
  • Hazard Classes 
  • Packing Groups 
  • Handling Requirements
  • Shipping Papers/Manifests
  • Packages
  • Package Marking and Labeling 
  • Vehicle Placarding
  • Emergency Response Information
  • Emergency Response Guidebook 
  • Security Awareness


All-Pro Occupational Trainers, Inc. offers both Initial and Refresher (49 CFR 172.704) Training.